Hawk's Road Terminal - GM: Jack Young

Photo by  Nicate Lee  on  Unsplash

Photo by Nicate Lee on Unsplash


Scenario Title: Hawk’s Road Terminal
Game System:  One Roll Engine
GM:  Jack Young
Power Level:  Railway Engineers
Number of Players:  5
Characters Provided:  Yes 

Description: In its heyday, the Boston & Maine Railroad oversaw thousands of miles of track along the eastern seaboard. But due to a downturn preceding The Great War, branch lines to any number of once prosperous coastal villages have been abandoned in the wake of their economic decline. Good work for you though.  Your engineering crew is being sent to repair and retrieve a locomotive left at one of these long neglected terminal stations.  Should be routine.



This is where the GM can spell out the kind of game they want to run. For example:

Tone:  Atmospheric, claustrophobic, rising tension (if I can pull that off). This is Get Out and Village of the Damned

Percentage of horror VS other elements: hmmm.  25% investigation,  65% horror, 10% misc

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