Acheron - GM: Matthew Grau



 Scenario Title: Acheron
Game System: Black Planet (Avatar)
GM: Matthew Grau
: n/a
Power Level:Nanotech-Enhanced Post-Humans and an Alien or two
Number of Players: 5
Characters Provided: Yes
Description: In a galaxy on the other side of the universe, sometime in the near future…

Your civilization, which endured for 20,000 years, has ended. The young races have no idea what you have unleashed, or how to fight it if they did. Creation is not an easy thing and this is the consequence of your hubris.

Following in the footsteps of the ancient seeders, your people aspired to create life that could flourish in the universe. Instead, they created something horrifying – a sentient parasite that could take control of those it infested. The Unseen bred, infesting more and more people of authority until they could seize control of governments and enslave all those under them. One day, they may take over the galaxy.

You will return to your ravaged home when the last Unseen is eradicated. Until then, you hunt. Exiles of the Black Planet, your duty beckons. 

Few go to Acheron for pleasure. It’s a wet, misty, wild world that is home to a handful of domed cities. Tenacious residents labor to draw resources from the massive rainforests by day, for going out at night is considered suicide. Terrible beasts roam those wilds, particularly when the sun goes down. 

It is here you will go, chasing the wretched Unseen from inside Arkari space. They have already cleared the Jump Gate and the Guild, destination Acheron. You hope the infestation is not yet too great, and that you will not have to call on the Worldender.


This game is more of my own original material, because I’m funny like that. It’s serious sci-fi horror and not one of my gonzo games.

Tone: Sci-Fi horror, similar in feel to Outlander, The Hidden, Heavy Metal 2000, Chronicles of Riddick, Under the Mountain

Percentage of horror VS other elements: 70% horror/30% sci-fi

Tags: We didn’t use tags in 2018. They are optional in 2019.

Matt Steele