The Apples of Their Mothers’ Eyes - GM: William Lee

Photo by  Silas Baisch  on  Unsplash


Game System: Fear Itself 2nd Ed.
Scenario Title: The Apples of Their Mothers’ Eyes
GM: William Lee
Variations: N/A
Power Level: Crime Noir Investigators
Number of Players: 5 
Characters Provided: Yes 
Description: 10 years ago, you helped put a stop to a series of horrific murders and child abductions…or so you thought. That case made your careers, and you thought the horror to be long buried, just like the killer. 

But the terror is back. Children again disappear, and their mothers are found murdered. Their mutilated bodies found alongside the empty highway, swathed in immaculate white dresses and grotesquely posed so their vacant bloody eye sockets stare into the horizon. Their mouths left open in a rictus scream, wailing for their missing children.

The Llorona Killer is back. 

As the community is plunged back into the nightmare, your careers and lives unravel. All the while, the killer taunts you with all-too-familiar bloody notes, written in the victims’ blood, with the same words and in the same handwriting as the old murders:

“Little children are the apples of their mothers’ eyes...”



This is where the GM can spell out the kind of game they want to run. For example:

Apples of Their Mothers’ Eyes is a non-supernatural scenario about a serial killer with a modern crime noir feel, like True Detective or Seven.

Tone: Crime noir/serial killer in the mode of True Detective season 1.

Percentage of horror VS other elements: 50% horror, 30% police procedural, 20% noir drama

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Matt Steele