Days of Future Past

RunRabbitRun Presents

Duuuude! Welcome to Retroville – an immersive weekend of Retro-themed Role Playing Games in a totally retro location. Games are from the early years of the RPG movement, like Metamorphosis Alpha and Top Secret, ya know, old school ~ or ~ current games with a retro feel – Spirit of the Century: 30’s pulp, Macho Women with Guns, Cosmic Patrol (50’s Sci-fi), or Retrostar (70’s Sci-fi) or… anything. C’mon you know you’ve been wanting to dust off those old games or run a Dukes of Hazzard adventure using Spirit of 77.

Time & Place TBD.



The Rabbit’s looking for a location for Retroville. Know of a cheap ’70’s Motel just outside the SF Bay Area? Tell me about it. Is there a totally retro location to play in, like an old railroad station, next to a Motel 6? This is the kind of place for Retroville. Send tips to or text me at 831.566.1170.

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