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How to register for Something Different
if you’re a GM

Just as last year’s Dead of Winter Horror Invitational, the fiscal cost for attending Something Different remains: $60.00.
The cost to your soul will vary.

GMs can register as soon as their final game description is sent in and approved. Matt will notify each GM individually.

Registration is simple: Send $60 to Matt via PayPal. Use this email address:, or us this handy -dandy link.

Once you’re registered for Something Different, you can grab a hotel room. Details are to the right.

A key element of RunRabbitRun events is inhabiting the location for the weekend. For the purpose of immersion, everyone attending must stay at the Cary House on Friday and Saturday nights and play through the Sunday morning session – no exceptions. This thing’s, an “all in” deal. Sunday night games and stays at the hotel are optional. Sudden blizzards preventing you from fleeing to safety are beyond the control of your host.

Attendance is limited to 36 people. This allows 6 games to run with 5 Players and 1 GM Saturday morning and night. 6 Games run Sunday morning. The number of games run Sunday night depends on the number of people who stay for that session, though for the past few years, nearly everyone’s stayed for the final session and 5 games were run. As always, I’ll have a game prepped – just in case.

Selection of attendees is at the sole discretion of your host, Matt Steele. If you’re on this site, you’ve probably played in a game I’ve run or been a fellow Player in a game I’ve played. You might just have a soul so tasty that Stan, the gunned-down spirit in the lobby, asked me to invite you.

If for some reason you can’t/don’t do PayPal, send a check payable to:

101 Cooper Street
Santa Cruz, CA 95060

Note that reg is 1st come, 1st in, so snail mail isn’t recommended.

When you register, I’ll need to know if you’re staying Sunday night.

You can cancel your reservation and get a full refund until Halloween Day, October 31. After Halloween there will be no refunds. Signing up after Halloween is OK, but no refunds if you have to cancel. I have to pay to hold our rooms, so the $ gets tied up.

Note: GM’s don’t get free or discounted admission. Everyone’s basically chipping in to pay for the space. You are what makes this event happen. That’s super cool. GM’s do get 1st crack at requesting games they want to play in.

How to register for Something Different
if you’re a Player

Just as last year’s Dead of Winter Horror Invitational, the fiscal cost for attending Something Different remains: $60.00.
The cost to your soul will vary.

Potential Players will be notified to register sometime on October 6th. I don’t announce a specific time as I like the universe to introduce a little randomness into the process.

Once I announce that Player registration is open, people can send me $60 via PayPal. I fill spaces in order of registration.

Use this email address:
Here’s a handy link:

There are always more people who want to attend than I have spaces. As a result, last year, I ‘sold out’ in about 5 minutes. Once that happens, I’ll notify everyone and start putting folks on a Wait List.

How to request to be in a game

Once everyone is registered and all of the games are listed on the site, Matt starts sending out game requests. He’ll ask for your top 4 games in each time-slot.

The game schedule is due to be ready by October 20th. Emails go out to people to send their requests in groups of 6, starting with the GMs - in order of their registration.

Each day 6 more people are notified. So it takes 6 days for everyone to get notified.

Once everyone has sent in their game requests, people get placed in games. This is a manual process that typically takes a weekend to complete.

If everyone sends their choices in a timely manner, results will be posted the 1st week of November.

Photo by  Eric Ward  on  Unsplash

Photo by Eric Ward on Unsplash

Photo by Matt Steele

Photo by Matt Steele

How to Get a Room at
The Carey House Hotel

Room rates per night vary depending on stays of 2 or 3 nights. Note that the rates below are for the full stay, not nightly.

NOTE: ROOM RATES ARE remaining the same FOR 2019. Please be sure to thank the hotel for this. As rates skyrocket elsewhere, it’s important for us to let the management know how much we appreciate them holding their rates for us.

The hotel costs are as follows: 3 Night Rates: Taxes not included.

Deluxe Queen (3 nights) $327
(Fri & Sat night only $258)
Deluxe King (3 nights) $357
(Fri & Sat night only $278)
Queen or King Suite (3 nights) $387
(Fri & Sat night only $298)
2 bedroom Suites (3 nights) $477
(Fri & Sat night only $359)
Master Suite (3 nights) $417
(Fri & Sat night only $318)

Tell them that you are attending Something Different and they’ll set you up. Spirits in the room – no extra charge.

The rooms in the hotel are:
1 Double (the smallest room)
9 Queens
6 Kings
4 Queen Suites

2 King Suites
2 King Suites w/ Murphy bed
1 Queen Suite w/ Murphy bed
6 2 bedroom Suites
3 Master Suites
1 Bridal Suite
2 Pet Suites

So, register early to get the kind of room that you want.

You are responsible for making your own room reservation.
For hotel reservations or questions:

Cary House Hotel
300 Main Street
Placerville, CA 95667
PH: 530.622.4271 or 866.906.5207
Tell them that you are with Something Different in December when registering. Be sure to tell them precisely which type of room you want.

IMPORTANT NOTE: I’ve reserved 15 rooms, Can bump to 20 if need be. We filled 18 last year.

Wifi, Parking, In-room coffee, Local & toll free telephone calls, Morning coffee & tea service


Got questions? Use the handy contact form below:

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