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Something Different

December 13th - 15th, 2019


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RPG Event Runner

RunRabbitRun creates thematic, invitation only, boutique tabletop Roleplaying Game events. Each gathering takes place in a location that supports an established theme. Games at each event align with the theme. 


Photo by Jakub Dziubak on Unsplash


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Something Different

Looking to enrich the tabletop RPG experience, Something Different is an invitation for GMs and Players to try something new and/or unusual, push the bounds and structures of their games, and to experiment with the established RPG form. While many games at Something Different will be traditional tabletop RPGs, the amazing GMs that run them are always pushing themselves to find new ways to enhance the RPG experience. Many GMs have the public premiere of new scenarios at our event. IN other words, they’re always delivering…something different.

Something Different will happen at the Cary House Hotel, in Placerville CA. The Cary House is a weird little gold-rush area hotel resting in a quaint downtown area. It’s also supposed to be haunted. Quirky small town shops and restaurants are within easy walking distance. This is our 8th year there. You can see photos from previous events below.

Something Different will start rolling on the evening of Friday, the 13th of December, 2019. Friday the 13th - in a haunted hotel - what could possibly go awry? It kicks off with a social event where old friends meet and catch up and great gamers meet for the first time. There is no gaming on Friday night. There are two game sessions on Saturday and two on Sunday, wrapping up at 1AM. Folks are invited to stay for breakfast on Monday - a long-standing tradition.

Serious Gamers

Serious Gamers


And then there were two…

And then there were two…


Let me tell you…

Let me tell you…

X Marques the Spot

The long dark corridor of the soul…

The long dark corridor of the soul…

The right kind of quirky

The Tower of Doom

The Tower of Doom

Giant jenga!

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The Place

Eats & Drinks & More

Something Different will happen in Placerville, CA. Located in 40 miles east of Sacramento, CA on the way to Lake Tahoe. The quaint Main Street features antique shops, wine, cheese and olive tasting, art galleries, local breweries, and wonderful coffee shops. There are lots of good choices for breakfast, lunch, and dinner within walking distance.



Jack Russel Brewery Downtown

Jack Russell Brewery Downtown opened in Placerville in 2016. Jack Russell Farm Brewery owner David Coody decided to join forces with his best friend John Gardner to open a restaurant. David and John are both Placerville area locals and celebrate their love of craft beer and great food by creating a gathering place for family, friends, and travelers.

Good food. Good beer. Good service. Just 1 block from the Cary House.

209 Main St. Placerville


The Original Mels Diner

For over 70 years, Original Mels has served All-American Family favorites. They are committed to serving great food at great value, treating every customer like family, respecting and supporting their employees to reach their own life goals.

It’s a popular place to grab a classic breakfast and is just 1 block from the hotel.

232 Main St. Placerville


Heyday CafE’

Opened in early 2007, Heyday Cafe has been a local favorite and remained on the forefront of Culinary excellence in Placerville. Using locally sourced ingredients, they create revolving menus that inspire guests to enjoy a wide range of ethnicities and styles of cuisine. They provide a fine element of service in a casual atmosphere, which has over the last decade created a comfortable and familiar experience for their guests. A great variety of excellent eats & drinks.

325 Main St. Placerville


Sweetie Pies Restaurant & Bakery

Sweetie Pie’s is located in a Victorian house built around 1865, co-owner Patty Clark says, "I wanted to create an environment where people could go to have good thoughts, good food, and good coffee." The shop features an eclectic mix of desserts, coffee, and a full breakfast & lunch menu.

Sweetie Pie’s is the default location for the Monday morning group breakfast.

577 Main St, Placerville

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Historic Cary House Hotel


Historic Ambiance. Modern Amenities.
Where Every Guest Is Legendary.

Located in the heart of Northern California gold country on the way to Lake Tahoe, the Historic Cary House Hotel dates back to 1857. Join us at a calm and quiet sanctuary among the Sierra foothills and experience the "Jewel of Placerville."

The Cary House has hosted gaming events for our group since 2010. It’s a quaint gold rush era hotel that’s adorned with spectacular period pieces and antiques dating back to its early days. It’s got just the right weird vibe. The staff bends over backward to welcome us and help us put on a fun-filled weekend.


With a reputation for being haunted, the hotel has welcomed such luminaries as William F. “Buffalo Bill” Cody, Charles E. “Black Bart” Bowles, Horace Greeley, John “Wheelbarrow Johnie” Studebaker, Mark Twain, Levi Strauss, President Ulysses S. Grant, Bette Davis, Elvis Presley, and more. Or has it? The hotel is awash in legends.

And now for something completely different.
— John Cleese
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